⟣⟐♡ sacred დWO~MANდ 1:1 cacaoceremony ♡⟣⟐

The time of seperation is over.
We remember the two polarities within ourselves.

We honor every single experience of pain and seperation and we integrate their wisdom

to create a new vibration of love and connection in every cell of our body.


⟣⟐ Content ⟣⟐

♡ Grounding & cleansing 

♡ Receive your message for the ceremony from the horses

♡ Cacaoceremony with the horses,  meditation, shamanic drum, healing songs, instruments, moments of silence and heart-to-heart sharings

♡ Sharing rapé

♡ Integration


Cacao is a shamanic medicinal plant that has been used in ceremonies for thousands of years to connect with one's own divinity and inner wisdom. Their heart-opening effect helps to recognize one's own path and to break away from old conditioning.


Rapé is finely ground, pure tobacco and is used in indigenous tribes to promote cleansing processes and loosen stuck energies. It is blown into the nose through a bamboo tube and helps to dissolve stuck thought patterns and to cleanse the energy body. It grounds and opens the upper chakras at the same time, which helps to achieve mental clarity.


I personally made both in Peru.


⟣⟐ What to bring ⟣⟐

Clothing adapted to the weather, seat mat, drinking bottle, diary, instruments, songs and other personal utensils as well as your favorite cup.



Cacao is not recommended for pregnant women or those taking antidepressants

It is advisable to refrain from coffee and alcohol at least on the same day and the evening before and, if necessary, to fast or only have a light lunch in order to strengthen the effect of the cocoa.


⟣⟐ Energy balance ⟣⟐

222 CHF


⟣⟐ Date ⟣⟐

anytime for you, during +/-  4 hours