♡⟣⟐Wild Child ~ a journey into your true nature ♡⟣⟐

You are love, you are truth, you are freedom.

The darkness is behind you, love was never apart from us.

You have integrated many incarnations in you, had experiences of separation and a life without love.  We have gathered enough wisdom about what it is like to be without love. Now it is time for the truth.

It is time to remember who we really are, time to live from the heart, time to apply our experiences and create a world of conscious unity.

A journey through the 5 elements.  A journey into your true nature, into your primal power. A journey into your heart. Only for YOU.


⟣⟐ Element earth⟣⟐

We connect with the element earth and activate our root chakra.

We consciously make contact with the feminine polarity of the earth, its power of love and creation. Allow us to feel it, let us be nourished by it, feel our body, the temple of our soul. We open the floodgates of fear of feeling everything again. She will give us a deep basic trust and fill us with peace and security, because we recognize that there is always enough energy and love for everyone. We are the earth, nature is our image, let us return to our true nature.


⟣⟐ Element water⟣⟐

The element of water, the creative power. It waters the earth so that life can grow.
The water represents our feelings and trust in the flow of life. If we are in the flow, everything runs by itself. Since our soul communicates with us through feelings, we can only come into contact with it again when we dare to feel ourselves again.
We get rid of old pain, shame and guilt. Activate our sacral chakra, the joy of life, creativity and sensuality.


⟣⟐  Element fire ⟣⟐

What is your soul fire burning for? Because what you burn for is what the world needs. It is the greatest transformational force to create change. We awaken the passion, the will to assert ourselves and our solar power. We say yes to life, detach ourselves from the evaluation of light and shadow by opening our hearts and recognizing the expression of love in everything. We take our place and allow ourselves to express our innermost truth.


⟣⟐  Element air ⟣⟐

The element of air corresponds to our thoughts and minds. To maintain mastery of the mind means to see through the illusion of separation on all levels. Our thoughts create our reality and at the same time it is our air to breathe. The sky symbolizes our limitless spirit, it enters our body through our crown, connects us with the male polarity, the highest guidance and inspiration. We allow ourselves to know, to see and to hold the plan in our hands, so we connect our will with the will of the great spirit.


⟣⟐  Element ether ⟣⟐

We celebrate the end of the journey with a cacao - rapé ceremony. We celebrate the sacred union within us, the unity of heart and mind, love and consciousness, male and female, sun and moon, the birth of the inner child, who has recognized life as a divine game.


We work on one element per meeting, in your own personal flow, the day is yours. We recommend a rhythm of about four weeks between the meetings for optimal follow-up and integration as well as for preparation for the next meeting. In this phase you can work with tinctures and oils made by me from local medicinal plants, which help you to gently bring your topics to the surface, to free them and to strengthen your system in its new frequency.You will also receive your personal diary to document your trip and I'll be at your side via WhatsApp at any time should you need support during this.



Presence support

Spirit ~ Meditation & YinYoga .

to the corresponding element and the associated chakras.

Soul ~ encounter in the mirror of the horses and nature

Transformation work on your personal topic.

Body ~ Integration ritual 

Integration and manifestation of your new reality.



Energy balance

2'100 CHF

Online support

Spirit ~ Meditation & YinYoga .

to the corresponding element and the associated chakras, live via Skype.

Soul ~ Independent swell passage walk into nature or to your own horse

Discussion and transformation work afterwards via Skype.

Body ~ Integration ritual 

Integration and manifestation of your new reality, independently with debriefing or together via Skype.


Energy balance

1'200 CHF