⟣⟐♡ you are the medicine ~ create your cacao ritual ♡⟣⟐

An intuitive journey to your personal ritual of the heart in the encounter with cacao and the herd of horses.


⟣⟐ Content ⟣⟐

This day is entirely dedicated to the study of one's own medicine. Together with the heart-opening bean cacao and the wisdom of the horses, we accompany you on a journey to your true self. After a first heart opening with cacao, in the encounter with the herd of horses you get the unique opportunity to meet yourself in an honest and value-free mirror and to open up access to your personal medicine, to connect with your intuitive wisdom and your power to create individual rituals. In the afternoon you will get a well-founded introduction to the mode of action, history and production of ceremonial cacao and the work with rituals and a practical insight into the creation of a cacao ceremony.


Afterwards we integrate the day with a soft Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra.


♡Introduction to the heart medicine and the power of intentions

♡cacao ceremony and encounter with the herd of horses

♡Medicine Songs

♡ Mode of action, history and preparation of ceremonial cacao

♡ Creating a cacao  ceremony together

♡integration with Yin Yoga / Yoga Nidra


⟣⟐ place ⟣⟐

Landguet Ried, 3172 Niederwangen b. Bern


⟣⟐ energy balancing ⟣⟐

♡ 260 CHF including course costs, lunch from Landguet Ried, flat costs for the infrastructure and 2x cocoa


⟣⟐ date ⟣⟐

♡ Sunday, April 3, 2022 09:00-17:00


⟣⟐ management & registration ⟣⟐

♡ Flavia Ghidossi: www.ayniyoga.ch

Yoga & Meditation, Shamanic Reiki, Cocoa Ceremonies


♡Anja Bovisi: www.anja-bovisi.com


horse-assisted coaching, Yin Yoga & Meditation, shamanic healing ceremonies