"What if life isn't so much about becoming someone, but about letting go of what doesn't belong to you, to be who you really are..."

For years I was busy becoming successful. My dream was to become a dressage rider at the highest level. That's what I've worked for, more than I've lived. I defined my whole being through my performance and this performance was never good enough.


When life gave me a few blows of fate one day and I couldn't get out of bed in the morning, I woke up. My body was paralyzed and I was asked to take a closer look.


My journey to myself began and more and more I realized that this journey is not about becoming someone, but about freeing myself from my illusions of who I have to be.


From there on, the horses were no longer sports equipment by my side, but my healers and teachers. In the company of them and many wonderful people, I was able to get closer to myself. again. The voice of my heart became audible again and my innermost core, my true essence felt again.


A magical journey, a gift of life, an invitation to dive into your own infinite depths.
With infinite gratitude and humility I would like to pass this gift on to you too.


My journey:

  • Horse specialist for classical riding EFZ most recently in the dressage stable of Marcela Krinke Susmelj.  Regular training with renowned trainers in all areas of classical riding.
  • Regeneration therapist at  Synerba
  • Shamanic healing ceremonies and diets with various medicinal plants in Switzerland and Peru
  • Forever student of life ♡