Prozessbegleitung In meiner Herde

Individual coaching

In horse-assisted coaching we work with the horses as a mirror of ourselves. Since horses only communicate via body language and instinct, they immediately see through our intentions and feelings and are able to give completely honest but value-free feedback. Unconscious thought patterns and blockages are revealed. Everyday masks want to be taken off and access to ourselves reopened.


It can help you if you:

  • want to find out who you are
  • want to find out what is blocking you from living the real you
  • want to experience how authenticity changes your life
  • finally want to live your full potential
  • want to reconnect with yourself and others
  • want to experience unconditional love
  • want to experience how authentic communication and partnership work

Energy balance

100 CHF / hour

Intensive coaching

During this intensive coaching we will look together where you are and where you should go.

In a first encounter with the herd of horses, we uncover what is currently holding you back from living your full potential and the real you. Meditative journeys can help you to get to the source of your blockage and to transform it. In another encounter with the horses, experience the change in your field of resonance and integrate what you have recovered.


Energy balance

+/- 2.5-3 hours: 250.00 CHF