Process support with your own horse

It is no coincidence that your horse is with you. Find out which task your horse brings you, which topics it reflects for you and how you can develop together through these processes.


I will accompany you on your way and combine all my knowledge from horse training and personality development.


My primary goal is to let the rider feel what it means to move in perfect harmony with his horse.. I want to help you in an authentic partnership based on trust. We get to know and combine your strengths and weaknesses together.


The relationship between you and your horse is my top priority.
In this process we develop an understanding of the physical and psychological needs of your horse and a relationship that is based on voluntariness and trust. A willingness on your part to take personal responsibility and to see the horse as a mirror of your own development is a prerequisite for conscious handling.


 When this is established, we get into the saddle. Here, too, my focus is on the task of helping the horse to achieve the highest degree of relaxation and balance. With the aim that the horse can move with joy and ease under the saddle.


Energy balance:

    • Lesson 60 Minuten: 80.-
    • only possible with an own horse
    • + Travel costs (0.60.-/km)