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Healingplants & Ceremonies

Cacao is a shamanic medicinal plant that has been used in ceremonies for thousands of years to connect with one's own divinity and inner wisdom. Its heart-opening effect helps you to recognize your own path and to detach yourself from old conditioning.


Rapé is finely ground, pure tobacco and is used in indigenous tribes to promote cleansing processes and loosen stuck energies. It is blown into the nose through a bamboo tube and helps to dissolve stuck thought patterns and to cleanse the energy body. It grounds and at the same time opens the upper chakras, which helps to achieve mental clarity.


Plantas Sagradas, various medicinal and masterplants from the Peruvian jungle are used in individual dietas and deepened in ceremonies.


You can find ceremonies under the events or contact me for your personal wishes.

YinYoga & Meditation

Yin Yoga is a quiet yoga practice in which the asanas are often held for minutes with relaxed muscles. This relieves tension in the fascia tissue. Our flexibility is increased and the nervous system calms down.

We not only feel our body, but also our mind and emotions. It is an intensive training of inner observation and an ideal preparation for a deeper immersion in meditation.


On an energetic level, we stimulate the meridians and the life energy that flows in the fascia tissue and thus stimulate the body's own self-healing powers.


In meditation we deepen our ability to observe. We let go of obstructive behavior patterns and learn to act again out of love and compassion. We rediscover our true selves and the pure love within us.

Energetic color therapy

Everything here on earth is vibration. Disharmonic vibrations have a disease-causing effect. Pain, illness, not feeling well, are vibrations that have gotten out of balance. The causes of imbalance are disappointments, shocks, injuries and trauma that have become lodged in the subconscious and no longer exist for the mind. Nevertheless, these injuries have a major impact. They work like magnets and attract the same situations again and again or block our actions.

Energy work is about bringing these vibrations back into balance.


Color therapy

The colored foils have an effect on body, mind and soul, which is why we speak of holistic healing or balancing.

With your permission, I will connect to your energy system and discuss the cause of the blockage. With this information we transform the energies from your system with the help of the colored foils. A session lasts about an hour.


Areas of application of the colored foils:

  • Energetic clearings
  • Karmic entanglements
  •  Doubts and fears
  • Emotional blocks and injuries
  • Trauma and shock
  • Obstructive habits and behavior patterns
  • 7-generation ancestral healing


Soul journeys

It can also be that it is necessary to travel to the source of your blockage yourself in order to understand certain experiences or to feel emotions that have not been lived and thus to free them. In a deep, relaxed state, we connect with your spiritual guidance and let it guide us. I will accompany you on the journey, ask you the necessary questions or help you to understand what is being shown to you.


Energy balance

100 CHF / hour