Healing ceremonies


A ceremony always begins with the opening of a sacred space. We leave our everyday consciousness, clean our energy system and enter into a deep connection and presence via meditation and formulate our intention for the ceremony.


♡The power of intension

What gives power to a ceremony is your intention. Since we are all subject to free will, we always have a choice of which path we want to take, and we will get what we ask for. Your intention is your desire for change and comes from a deep longing of your soul.By choosing your dreams you clear the way. Blockages that stand in your way can come to light and be removed.


♡ The medicinal plants as our helpers and companions

Cacao is a shamanic medicinal plant that has been used in ceremonies for thousands of years to connect with one's own divinity and inner wisdom. Their heart-opening effect helps to recognize one's own path and to break away from old conditioning.

Rapé is used in indigenous tribes to promote cleansing processes and loosen stuck energies. Die The base is tobacco mixed with other plants. It is blown into the nose through a bamboo tube and helps to dissolve stuck thought patterns and to cleanse the energy body. It grounds and opens the upper chakras at the same time, which helps to achieve mental clarity.

Be aware that these are sacred plants that are brought to us as a gift from Mother Earth for our inner healing.


♡The ceremonie

In the ceremony we completely submit to the divine will and let go of our desires.\r\r

Songs are sung which invite the spirits of the plants and the divine healing energy into our circle. In addition, instruments such as the shamanic drum help to give strength to our intentions.
Every form of sound is an honor to creation and brings strength to the ceremony, so you are also cordially invited to contribute if you want. There is no right or wrong, because sometimes it is precisely the weirdest notes that can trigger and set something free in us. We always keep our inner observer present and observe which feelings, images, emotions arise in us - because everything has something to do with ourselves.



At the end of the ceremony, you have space to share your experiences and feelings, if you want. This can again create a lot of inner clarity and insight. Be aware that with your intention and the ceremony you have set a seed for change and that a process is now being initiated. Depending on the topic, life can send you one or the other test in the following days. Either way, certain energies will shift and adapt.


There are regular full moon ceremonies.

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